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Walter can be booked for keynotes and lectures on a wide variety of contemporary subjects. His provocative and philosophical approach on how technology is impacting our lives and businesses is refreshing. He will challenge his audience, opening up new and unexpected avenues to shake up arrived opinions. What is hidden under the actual trends? How can we sense their deeper meaning? And how does that impact who we are as human beings ? 

He has won several international awards for Best Presentation and Best Strategy, and published in leading magazines in the nascent phases of the digital revolution in the mid nineties.

Recent speaking gigs include University of Leiden and Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam.

He will enlighten and light up your audience!

The current range of topics includes:

  • Nostalgia and how to feel at home today

  • Staying human in the Anthropocene

  • Finding Sanctuary in the age of disruption

  • Ideology in Silicon Valley

  • The Beta-physics of the Real

  • The need for Digital Ethics 

  • The A.I. Apocalypse and the Buddha in the Robot

  • Cool Retail Memories  

Any presentation or keynote will be preceded by an intake. Specific objectives for your event will be taken into account and, when possible, reflected into the content delivered.  The level of customization can be of impact on the fee. All pricing details and other arrangements will be fully transparant and agreed in advance. No surprises.

Next to speaker assignments Walter can be booked to moderate or host your event, for (media-) interviews, for voice-acting and for public/corporate appearances.

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