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Building brands and getting products flowing into the hands of consumers is an art. It is also hard work – and a journey through highs and lows. For the last 20 years Walter has worked for new ambitious brands and brands that needed rejuvenation or a change of strategy and execution. In joint efforts he drove those brands to the top of the charts in the European markets. And experienced the pain when a strategy failed and business fell from a cliff. It made a huge difference if the business and product-engine was on-time, on-trend, or if they were too much ahead of the rising curve or launched when the first ship had already sailed.

Walter is available to work with you, your (advisory) board and your executive leadership teams to analyse, guide and design strategic and commercial plans to successfully and holistically launch new brands and/or product(-s) (-categories) into the European marketspace. Covering all aspects from concept and design-brief to go-to-market and launch. 

As projects will always have a specific scope and reach, and will have varying time-scales, Walter is flexible when defining the required and desired consultancy-period. He will work against the highest moral standards and in an engaged and transparent fashion. All materials, papers, research-outcomes and presentations specifically related to the project and client will be transferred in full and without reservation. 

Fees, hire-period and other details will be agreed in a clear memorandum of understanding or other desired document well in advance of the project-commencement. Mutual trust is a quintessential, philosophical precondition for any activity.


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